A very loved sugar maple tree, that grew outside the front door or our 200 year old house had

to be cut down.  My brother and I used to climb in it.  John’s and my children climbed it and our grandchildren enjoyed sitting in it and swinging from it.

It started to show signs of decay at the base of the trunk.  We were advised by good friend and tree surgeon that it should be cut down.

We sent our tree to friends and asked them to create something from the wood and in return, send us a nice image of the piece that they had created.  That way, we could see the wonderful work my tree became.

My tree ended up being shipped to all corners of the US and is also represented in Brazil, England, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, Denmark and New Zealand, 121+ artists!  I have humorously thought of it as scattering the ashes of a loved one.  

The post office (and my credit card company) thought I had gone nuts.

I am really enjoying the energy that is being shared.

Let it be known how much I love and appreciate John for sawing and packing the wood for each of the boxes.            - Vicki Jordan

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